I am a visual artist and writer who creates participatory art experiences. I believe that we are influenced for better or worse, by the images and words to which we are exposed. I try to make art experiences that are positive, encouraging and optimistic. It’s important to engage with the world as a critic. It’s also important to recognise the goodness in humanity and our potential for betterness; human, social and environmental growth.

People get involved in my projects because they value a shared experience built on small creative actions that involve thinking or looking at things differently.

Participating is easy (and optional – although you get more out of my art by joining in!). You do not need to be an “artist”, you do not need to be “creative”. Here’s how some people describe their experience;

Thanks for this extraordinary project!
Great to be a part of something creative, interesting and different. Engaging and fun.
Very inspiring to keep me going with my own artwork.
It’s good fun. I’m a big fan of these drawings – they’re quite different
Reaffirmed my love for a combination of artwork in both picture and word. It made me think… a lot! Most importantly it has inspired me

Get involved. Get inspired.

I run a few projects a year. I usually invite people to participate online. People who subscribe to my monthly email newsletter get first preference.

They also get new art, project updates, behind the scenes previews and the occasional give-away or special offer.

It’s free and there’s no spam. Ever.

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