Thanks For 2011

The new year is almost upon us and with it, a significant milestone for Project52; we’re almost half-way there. 26 people have been kind enough to participate. This post is especially for you fine people who have been kind enough to invest your time, energy and goodwill in this endeavor. A little over 6 months ago, all I had was an idea.

Thank you one and all for;

  • Participating, whether you provided an object for inspiration or via the weekly Project52 word association challenge. You have contributed to and influenced my artistic process and output. Without you, there would be no Project52.
  • Providing encouragement, in your emails, blog comments, via Facebook, Twitter – whatever – your support and positive reinforcement keeps me motivated.
  • Promoting the project, via Twitter, your Facebook “likes”, mentions on your websites, email lists, word of mouth and especially for referring the project to others. That’s a real confidence booster. I really appreciate it and have met some very interesting people as a result.
  • Your critical input and ideas on the project and my art has sharpened my practice.

Some lessons (from you all) on the journey so far;

  • Give more than you get. In return for people’s time and input, always look for ways to reward and recognize their input.
  • Take a chance, commit to something. Start small and let it grow organically.
  • Discipline and persistence matter. Have a process, make commitments to deadlines. Stick with them.
  • If you invite people to participate in something, pay attention to their needs but don’t compromise your own values. Your own values and your expression of those is what probably attracts them to participate in the first place.
  • Those who participate in a project like this really, truly want to do their best to make it a success. Help them to achieve that with clear descriptions, instructions and by communicating expectations clearly.

My New Year’s Resolution
As we enter 2012 and as the Project moves into the “second half”, my commitment to you is to;

  • Keep going. There will be 52 works, inspired by objects provided by you!
  • Deliver on the promise of a final exhibition. I’ll share ideas and plans as to the final format as they emerge.
  • Look for (and try) new ways to keep you all engaged and involved in whatever way works best for you (feel free to let met know if there’s something you think I could do).

As I write this, some 25 works are complete, with number 26 underway. That’s real, tangible artistic output. Here’s to another 26 of you! Best wishes for the new year.

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