Turbulent Waters

This is unexpected. Not silence exactly but we have to work hard to hear, do we not?

I sense that you’re getting angry. Deep down.

Perhaps we should put the conversation aside for now, withdraw to contemplate other approaches. What to keep? What to release?

Our experience is different.

That is all.


#21 of 52: Mike Priddis
Object: A pair of board shorts (boardies)


The Story Of The Artwork

Themes explored in this work included;

  • ’’Technical’ or specialist clothing and outfits that enable us to perform tasks or activities that would otherwise be impossible. The meanings that are bestowed upon and assumed by the bearer.
  • Self-awareness, especially with respect to communication and misunderstanding when outside one’s comfort zone or natural environment.
  • Mythical associations with the ocean world, in this instance Neptune who by all accounts is a complex character, being a tempestuous sort but also having a dreamy, contemplative dimension. Neptune’s trident symbol represents: Becoming, Being and Passing away. The cross at the lower end of the symbol is symbolic of being grounded, a stabilizer amongst potentially erratic energies.
  • Water as a symbol of deeper emotions and dreams (still waters run deep).
  • Models of deafness. When plunged into the surf, we don’t hear as clearly as we might when above the surface.


The Project52 Tribe also introduced associations that influenced the work, such as;

  • Surf, which lead me to explore the notion of being in a situation that is largely outside one’s control. In surfing, this happens when you are ’held under’ by a wave that just won’t let you surface until it’s ready. Experienced surfers know that the best thing to do is relax and ’go with it’.
  • Hibiscus.

In the final work, Neptune is out of his element. He struggles to communicate because he has to wear a pressure suit, which impedes his hearing. It enables him to be in a world very different to his natural habitat but it also prevents him from experiencing that world in quite the same way as the the people that inhabit it. This creates tension. An intuitive sort, he can sense this reaction in others. He deals with it by retreating to reflect on what to adjust in his approach.

What to keep? What to release?


Project 52

My goal is to create 52 artworks and 52 stories over 52 weeks, inspired by 52 objects provided by 52 people.

Each week, for 52 weeks, I’ll create a drawing and a related 52-word story inspired by…you!

You are invited to provide me with an object (or a photo). I won’t ask anything about it or why you chose it. It doesn’t have to be significant or meaningful to you in any way. Within a week, I’ll create an artwork and a story, using your object for inspiration.

Get Involved
If you’d like to participate or if you want to know more, use the contact form on this site or DM me via Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin.

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