Top Dog

Always be the first through a doorway. Make it your business to occupy the elevated position. Walk in front, like a conquering hero, lord of the domain; chest out, head high, shoulders back. Never be apologetic; it’s a sign of weakness.

Be calm. Assertive.

You can speak volumes without uttering a word.



#14 of 52: Ean van Vuuren
Object: A Dog

The Story Of The Artwork
Dogs and their relationship with people offered a variety if rich themes to explore;

  • The role dogs play in people’s lives. They can be companions, entertainment, a co-worker, a lifeline and even food.
  • Symbolically, dogs represent qualities such as loyalty, trust and the ’wild side’ that we tame to varied levels of success.
  • Dogs are social animals. They live in packs, with clearly defined social hierarchies. People who work with dogs understand this and to a degree exploit this trait.
  • Dog trainers place a lot of emphasis on behavioural cues and non-verbal communication to ensure that the dog is subordinate in the relationship to humans.
  • Dogs also have their own mind and nature and from time to time, may do their own thing. They will also defend their territory and even the smallest will challenge anyone that attempts to encroach on their boundaries.

I learnt that a dog that wants to establish itself as pack leader will always capture the higher ground – in domestic settings, this is often the top of an armchair or a couch. The final image and story plays on the question, “who’s really in charge here?”. It’s left to the viewer to decide whether the animal or the person is the narrator.


Project 52

My goal is to create 52 artworks and 52 stories over 52 weeks, inspired by 52 objects provided by 52 people.

Each week, for 52 weeks, I’ll create a drawing and a related 52-word story inspired by…you!

You are invited to provide me with an object (or a photo). I won’t ask anything about it or why you chose it. It doesn’t have to be significant or meaningful to you in any way. Within a week, I’ll create an artwork and a story, using your object for inspiration.

Get Involved
If you’d like to participate or if you want to know more, use the contact form on this site or DM me via Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin.

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