So I’m lying here, thinking in my mind and – hey! Where did that come from? It’s not like I have a-

Or maybe I do? But if that’s the case, where is it?

Ok. Chill. Thinking…thinking…

I think, therefore I am.

But…what am I?

I should ask someone.

Oh crap.


#13 of 52: Marita Purins
Object: A Space Hopper

14 weeks into the project and I’m growing accustomed to that initial reaction of “what will I do with this?” whenever someone provides an object. This is the first time I laughed. A space hopper – brilliant!

The space hopper opened the following themes for exploration (never, ever thought I would have cause to write THAT sentence!);

  • Adventure in both the physical world and the imagined world of a child. A hopper or anything like it can be a horse ridden for days across the desert plains, as easily as something you just bounce around on for the he’ll of it. It’s also the kind of thing that kids (maybe boys more so) launch off garage roofs – just to see what happens.
  • The slightly dark nature of childhood toys and entertainments. That ever-so-slightly sinister grinning face in the corner of the rumpus room or a five-year old’s bedroom, just waiting for the lights to go out. And then…it’s MONSTER TIME!
  • Fantastical creatures such as Imps, gargoyles and the hold they have on the imagination, long after childhood (for some of us anyway). The hopper’s grin is maniacal, idiotic and mischievous all at once. It has horns. It’s bright orange. This is a toy that’s all about mayhem, fun and frolic and there’s not much about it that could ever be considered subtle.

I thought about what might be going on behind that absurd face. Not much, given the hopper’s basically a balloon – full of air.

By chance, I overheard someone say ‘I’m thinking in my mind,’ before sharing an idea.

‘Where else could you think but in your mind?’ I thought and in an instant, the hopper’s face appeared before me and there you have it. A space hopper becomes sentient and instantly applies itself to tackling some of life’s ultimate questions. It goes where it goes.

Thanks to Marita for being such a willing participant and of course, for providing such a fun object.

Project 52

My goal is to create 52 artworks and 52 stories over 52 weeks, inspired by 52 objects provided by 52 people.

Each week, for 52 weeks, I’ll create a drawing and a related 52-word story inspired by…you!

You are invited to provide me with an object (or a photo). I won’t ask anything about it or why you chose it. It doesn’t have to be significant or meaningful to you in any way. Within a week, I’ll create an artwork and a story, using your object for inspiration.

Get Involved
If you’d like to participate or if you want to know more, use the contact form on this site or DM me via Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin.

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